Cheap Offshore Company Formation

Here is an overview of the most popular offshore company jurisdictions:

·         British Virgin Islands
·         Panama
·         Hong Kong
·         Bahamas
·         Belize
·         Nevis

Factors to keep in mind when choosing a jurisdiction:

Perception of your Company Location

Though there are certain benefits to incorporate in small Caribbean countries or pacific island nations, do not underestimate the public perception of these places. If you want to make business with other international companies you might get a preoccupied opinion if your business is in a jurisdiction famous for tax fraud and maybe sub-legal activities. mossoffshore

Political and economical stability

As a lot of the popular offshore locations are in very small countries you have to keep an eye on the political and economical stability. Things tend to change fast. Especially if the economy is very dependent on a specific sector, like in most island nations.


You also have to factor in the costs for incorporation, audit requirements, virtual office, annual fees which can vary quite a lot.


If you want to stay below the radar and do not want anybody to know who is director or shareholder of your company, you limit your options to a few jurisdictions. Panama might be worth a look.


As you probably want to build a profitable business, you must check the tax situation of the place where you want to incorporate. Usually you want to have a place which is a tax haven.

Easiness of Incorporation

A factor often underestimated is the easiness of incorporation. Some governments are just very inefficient in their procedures which will cost your time, your nerves and ultimately your money.

Though there is no best jurisdiction which fits for everybody. If privacy is an issue, you chould check out Panama which offers cheap and convenient incorporation. If you want to do business in Asia, especially China, you should consider Hong Kong. Hong Kong allows cheap incorporation as well.

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