Fire Prevention Around the Home This Cold Winter Season

A life lost is life wasted. So is it with fire departments around the world. A major role of these organizations is fire prevention rather than simply fighting fires. Their goal is to educate the public to take precautionary measures to prevent fires and teach them how to survive whenever they encounter the accident. Let their message be instructional to both yourself and your family at this time of year to “play it safe”. fire safety information

Fire prevention starts at home with your family. Parents and siblings should know and take responsibility to prevent fire accident that can happen at any time. It is as simple as that. A fire with devastating consequences for all can happen in a flash and yet prevented with a small amount of planning foresight and follow through all of the family members must be aware that safety simply starts at home.

First of all, inspect your home and business areas the way a trained fire marshal would. Survey the landscape and real estate so to speak. Inside your room, curtains must not pull over or even be near or nearby fire stimulating materials like lit candles, ashtrays and electrical bulbs. One additional area of concern is halogen type light bulbs. Halogen bulbs run at tremendously hotter and warmer temperatures than simple standard incandescent and certainly electrical ballast fluorescent bulb types. Just a drape hanging nearby a hot halogen bulb can result in a catastrophic fire situation. Halogen electrical bulbs must be replaced in a certain manner and technique. The bulb must be handled with special technique – as if you were a trained electrical heating and plumbing technician. No oil from your hands can leave any residue on the lighting surface what so ever. Otherwise the bulb can actually explode propelling hot furnace temperature like glass fragments which can even start a fire themselves. On top of that is a glass protective cover to prevent such fires, and as well act as safety screen so that the hot parts from a halogen lamp bulb explosion are shielded from injuring your face. Always take the extra care to replace the glass safety cover, along with its two or perhaps three screws. If you do not know or are not certain then by all means do not use the appliance. Call for help and assistance from a more qualified and trained individual or actual repair technician remember fires around the home can happen in an instant. It is not as if you have an hour or two.

When it comes too fireplace and fireplace safety – be it the beauty of a natural log fireplace or a natural gas / propane gas one – always make sure that fireplace screen is free from sparks. Be sure to consult your electrician to ensure that electrical circuits are sufficient to carry peak loads such as radio, electric heaters, lamps, etc. It can be said that around your home or office that it never hurts to play it safe rather than sorry. Always buy appliances with recognized label to ensure that it passed all necessary safety test and standards.

Remember always that safety around the home is everybody’s and everyone’s concern. Fires can happen in a flash of an instant. It is not as if you have an hour or two when fire begins to rage and time to take action. Prevention when it comes to home fire prevention is key. Simple as that.

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