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Life is very important and accidents can happen anytime during the life. Fire is an accident which can lead damage to lives property and those around us in few seconds only. If you are an entrepreneur or bought a new house, you should definitely think about a reliable fire protection system to protect your colleagues and family members in case of any fire emergency. It helps in minimizing property loss by pointing out the potential dangers in your property. fire safety

Safety Source: You’re Source for Safety Information

‘Prevention is better than cure’ – is a common saying and is very apt for fire safety. When a fire disaster strikes it only causes havoc and loss. The damages are irreparable and very often there is a loss of life. Hence it is very important to know the preventative measures one can take and also how one can handle a fire disaster to minimize damage and loss.

So let us know some safety information in case of a fire.

Personal preventative measures- The main cause of fire in most cases is negligence. One should always be alert and foresee potential fire hazards. Never keep burning candles near combustible materials like fabrics, kerosene jars etc as these tend to catch fire quickly and spread easily. LPG cylinders are also a common cause of fires in the kitchen. Always be attentive for gas leakages. Being alert and careful goes a long way in preventing the occurrence of a fire disaster.

Structural Safety Equipment – Most buildings and office establishments have extinguishers installed and fire safety signs placed. But very few people actually learn how to read these signs or use this equipment. It is important to be informed about the fire safety methods installed in the building and how to use them in case of emergency. Also all buildings have safety exits. It is crucial to read the signboards. In case one is working at a particular place or frequenting a particular building often, then one must know the emergency fire exits and the location of the extinguishers of the place.

In case of a fire- In case of emergency always raise an alarm. This can be done by pulling a chain that rings the alarm of the vicinity or by saying ‘Fire’ loudly so that everyone is aware of the fire. The faster the evacuation process starts the better it is as it will save lives. Also call the fire station immediately as they are well equipped to handle large scale emergencies. In case of fire, never use the elevator. Always use the steps; especially the fire exits in the compound.

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