Why Kids Love Them

Kids Wellies offer the best of practical and stylish footwear for young and old alike. The latest range of kids wellies from Dunlop, Roper Rhodes & Co., Dansko, Adidas, and Puma features all the essentials to keep the young at heart. Stunning designs, comfort, and durability are key features for kids of all ages. With the ever-changing fashion trends in children’s shoes, you need to stay in touch with the current trends, keeping up with the market is key to creating new trends in kids’ shoes. Quality Wellies & School Shoes by Term Footwear | Sole Buddy

Dansko creates designs for little feet. Dansko creates its boots and wellies for young girls as well as boys. This brand has been providing quality leather footwear for years, so it is no surprise that kids boot wear from Dansko is also of top quality. With stylish designs, simple but sophisticated patterns and adorable embellishments, your kid will love her or his pair of Dansko wellies.

With cute animal prints and cute embroidered patterns, your child will be the envy of friends. The main features of this style of shoe from Dunlop include the slip-on heel, rubber sole and non-marking outsoles. With the main features, your child will have a safe, comfortable and well-fitting footwear. Slip-ons will ensure that your baby or toddler won’t get tangled in the laces. The rubber sole will also prevent slippage that could cause some discomfort for the child.

Puma makes shoes for young children. Their wellies are suitable for use indoors as well as outdoors, providing durable, comfort and quality. The main features of this footwear from Puma are the flexible rubber soles, non-marking outsoles, comfort lining and breathable goretex. The anti-sweat lining will keep your toddler dry and comfy all day.

If you want something stylish and comfortable for your little ones, then Fleece-Lined Boots from Wellies would be perfect for you. These Fleece lined boots come in many different colours including blue, pink, yellow, purple, red, orange, green and grey. You can choose from cute designs like the stars, hearts, polka dots, flowers, teddy bears and much more. The colourful fleece lining will provide warmth and cushion to your kid as he or she strolls around in these colourful wellies. The fleece lining makes the boots ultra-comfortable to wear and easy to lather up.

Durability is always important when you are looking for a great pair of wellies. From the thin rubber sole to durable canvas uppers, Wellies boots are hardy and will last longer than most. The toe caps are usually made from high quality canvas to ensure that your child will not slip on the slipper. The soles are also padded to provide maximum support and grip. The non-marking uppers of these wellies will make them water-proof, thus keeping them away from potential dampness.

Kids wellies come with a built-in flap to keep toddlers’ feet dry at all times. The flaps are usually designed in such a way that they are easily cleaned and cared for. The PVC lining and inner sock lining to help keep moisture away from the feet. This way, kids feet stay dry and are safe from any possible injury.

Wellies boots are available in two types depending on how much ankle protection you want. There is the Ankle boot which is suitable for little ankles while the Waterproof Wellingtons is for adults who like to enjoy skiing or doing other adventurous activities. Both kids’ wellies and waterproof Wellingtons have the same basic design, except for the details on the outside of the boots. Wellies, waterproof boots have a removable lining and the ankle-high ones don’t. When shopping for waterproof wellies, look for the ones with extra durability and extra padding. These can take a beating when outdoors and will last longer than your average pair of boots.